Randomness – Entry #3

“A Randomness Christmas”

This didn’t start happening ‘til the last few years but I want to talk on growing up around the holidays, keeping memories close, and how things change as you get older during the holidays while reminiscing on a few things.

It’s true as we get older some things from our past grow fonder than others. For example, sadly before and after my grandparents passed from my mom’s side, things started to change and family gatherings started to get smaller. Before this, all through when me and my brother were children ‘til about maybe 10 or 15 years ago, family holiday dinner gatherings were always special on my mom’s side—even if sometimes a little drama might have hit home. That happens in every family as you know, but most (or some) things get patched up and the traditions stay intact.

I remember many years ago (and may my grandmother rest in peace), my late grandmother’s biggest smiles always came when making dinner for everyone on Christmas. She might have complained on having Christmas, or tried hard at times to cancel the dinners, but she always in the end made sure somehow we all got together—and if not at her and my grandfather’s place, at my late Uncle John’s and Aunt Marge’s house.

We always had the traditional foods for Christmas like turkey, ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potatoes, french rolls of bread from Tiebels or dinner rolls from Turano, and we would have (of course) veggies, pies, homemade cookies my mom still makes every year, etcetera. 

If me and my brother never ended up here when we were really younger as kids, we would be at my dad’s side for a true Mexican style Christmas dinner with not just the above foods but tamales, Spanish rice, chicken and molè, refried beans, homemade flour tortillas, etcetera.

There are those little things that always are memories that can’t be replaced like (l.o.l.) a family member sleeping while eating at the table, playing sports or sledding with cousins after dinner, watching holiday movies together, dancing, whatever. It’s something as we get older for some that gets missed. 

I know too that some holidays are best when hanging out with good friends and even they come and go. 

Traditions either end or change as we grow older, and also, we start our own when it’s time for the holidays. My thing is (and always has been for holidays or just any day in general): 1) appreciate what you have and who is in your life because time is short and tomorrow isn’t always promised  2) “Carpe Diem” (a.k.a. seize the day). Live the holidays—and any day—to the fullest. 3) No matter how some might treat you, always love and respect family and the memories.  Same with good true friends. 

Holidays are always meant to be spent more with those you love in your life. It should never be about material things. Have fun too. Don’t be a Scrooge. L.o.l.! 

To everyone on this page, your families, and our many followers and their families—I wish you all great, safe, sweet, awesome holidays this next week! With much love, your “Top 5” co-host, Pete.

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