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InfoBlast #1 | Christmas

For this first episode of InfoBlast, Nick teaches Rob all about Christmas–religious origins, the tree, Santa… even Krampus shows up. Come with us for a trip that starts well before you think it does, pushes up to the Protestant Reformation of Europe, and even has critical changes to its mythology throughout the 18-1900s in itsContinue reading “InfoBlast #1 | Christmas”

InfoBlast #5: Dr. Suess

Today, in honor of his birthday, we dive into the life of one Theodor “Ted” Geisel, the man who would become Dr. Seuss. It also includes a Nick speed read of “Fox in Socks.” Oh, and Rob didn’t know who he was learning about at first.

InfoBlast #6: Mystery Science Theatre 3000

While Nick is away, Jason Soto takes over as substitute teacher to join Rob on the Satellite of Love, where Jason divulges the full history of MST3K. And it’s a bit long. So brace yourselves… it’s movie time. (And please, stay through the end and even after the closing song for some bonus audio.)

InfoBlast #7: April Fool’s Day

Today, just in time, we dive into the origin and consequences of April Fools’ Day and stories of its worldwide celebrations before delving into a more moral discussion of celebrating the holiday itself.

InfoBlast #9: Coca-Cola

Nick is joined by Larry Jorgensen, author of “The Coca-Cola Trail: People and Places in the History of Coca-Cola,” as well as “Return to the Coca-Cola Trail,” all of which and more can be found at Larry talks all about the history of Coca-Cola, its bottling history, and the brand’s extensive connections to ourContinue reading “InfoBlast #9: Coca-Cola”

InfoBlast #10: Cats

Rob returns just in time for the 10th episode to listen to Nick talk all about the history of domesticated cats, which started millions of years ago, ties into witches, religion, the plague, and the Internet! What else in the world can do all that?

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