Whatever with Jason Soto

Whatever with Jason Soto #63: Making A Bomb Threat To Burger King

Jason and special guest The Vern get together to talk about Jason’s second COVID vaccine shot and how he’s feeling, Bill Gate’s divorce and his post-marriage plans, and weird stories involving Jason’s time working at McDonald’s. Then The Vern takes on the very serious game The Big Giant Quiz or Whatever! 

Whatever with Jason Soto #64: All Caveman Paintings Are Penises

Alright, Jason lied to you all. Mary is still gone. He apologizes while talking about himself in the third person. But in Mary’s place is Bill Szany, the host of the Top 5 A Thru Z Podcast to talk about muppets playing horror movie characters, caveman paintings and alien paintings just being penises, and finallyContinue reading “Whatever with Jason Soto #64: All Caveman Paintings Are Penises”

Whatever with Jason Soto #68: Will It Podcast?

Jason is back to explain Mary’s absence and welcomes guest Nick Jobe to the show! Jason and Nick talk about various movies, the MCU, Bo Burnham’s Netflix special, and finally why Jason might be getting a little bored with internet comedians Rhett and Link. Check out the Rhett and Link documentary here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKwixWuGMyg

Whatever with Jason Soto #72: More Like Jason SOLO, Amirite?!?

It might be a mistake to unleash this episode onto the world but fuck it here we go. In this episode, there is no guest. It’s just Jason by himself. He reads some fan fiction, ADULT fan fiction, a pretentious novelization of “Independence Day” and finally tells a story about getting a COVID test.

Whatever with Jason Soto #77: Scared of Everything & Wrong About Jason

WELCOME BACK TO #spookyseason HERE AT RABBIT HOLE PODCASTS!!! All month long at Whatever, Jason is going to welcome horror movie fans and have several conversations regarding the topic. First up is Jason’s co-host over at Between The Scares Lisa Leaheey who talks about how she was scared of everything as a child, recasting theContinue reading “Whatever with Jason Soto #77: Scared of Everything & Wrong About Jason”

Whatever with Jason Soto #79: Busta Rhymes vs Michael Meyers

Halloween Resurrection was indeed a dark spot on the Halloween franchise and it only gets talked about for about a minute on this episode featuring guest Freddie Young from Full Moon Reviews. Horror TV shows, Walking Dead spoilers, and weird Trivial Pursuit questions are abound in this latest #spookyseason episode!   

Whatever with Jason Soto #82: The Problem With The 2016 Ghostbusters

Jason is back and this time…he has TWO new co-hosts!! He welcomes Lisa Leaheey and Rob Branch to the Whatever family (which is basically the Rabbit Hole Family but whatever) and a whole bunch of things get discussed, from the new Ghostbusters film, why the 2016 Ghostbusters wasn’t that good, Polish Catholic masses, Scholastic BookContinue reading “Whatever with Jason Soto #82: The Problem With The 2016 Ghostbusters”

Whatever with Jason Soto #84: Gross ’90s Dating Shows

OK kids, it’s time for a TV history lesson! Sit down and pay attention! Jason, Rob, and Lisa take a look at a very strange and obscure dating show from 1997 while talking about OTHER dating shows of that era.  Also, everyone was in a weird mood so the vibe might be a bit off. 

Whatever with Jason Soto #87: This Show Is Now Called I Guess With Rob and Lisa

After last week, Jason decided it was time to calm down a bit so he, Rob, and Lisa discuss the latest internet fad called Wordle, introducing it to Rob who never played it. Then the three talk about name changes to building or landmarks but still calling it the old name, several examples are mentioned.Continue reading “Whatever with Jason Soto #87: This Show Is Now Called I Guess With Rob and Lisa”

Whatever with Jason Soto: The Best of 2021

We were unable to record a new episode this week but I wanted to give you all something. So here, on it’s own little episode, is the best of clips from 2021. We hope you enjoy and we’ll see you next week! 

Whatever with Jason Soto #97: Way To Go, Mr. Soto!

This episode tests the “whatever” formula we have going on with this show, as Jason, Lisa, or Rob had any planned segments or topics before we hit record. We still managed a somewhat entertaining show. Well, I guess that’s a matter of opinion. 

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Hosted by Jason Soto, Whatever with Jason Soto is a comedy podcast that isn’t afraid to talk about LITERALLY anything, from parades to favorite TV shows in the 90s, to the crowd favorite: celebrity vagina candles! New episodes are posted every Monday.

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