Navigating The Multiverse

Navigating The Multiverse #1: Your Marvel Is A Zombie Movie

In the premiere episode of Navigating the Multiverse, Nick Jobe and Jason Soto talk introduce themselves and their Marvel knowledge. The guys then introduce the format by talking new trailers for The Eternals and Spider-Man: No Way Home, discussing Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, and wrapping it up with getting into theContinue reading “Navigating The Multiverse #1: Your Marvel Is A Zombie Movie”

Navigating The Multiverse #2: This Is Not The Soto Cut

We’re back with our second episode where we cover the new Hawkeye trailer, introduce a new segment we call Contenders (where we pit Marvel characters against each other and talk about who would win), and discuss the latest What If episodes on Killmonger and Party Thor.

Navigating The Multiverse #3: Even Mark Wahlberg Is Canon

In this episode, Nick and Jason discuss Venom: Let There Be Carnage and the final two episodes of Marvel’s What If…?. They also ask plenty of questions, like “Is everything canon now?,” “Did the MCU just back itself into a corner?,” “What ISN’T going to be in Spider-Man: No Way Home?,” “What if… women’s dressesContinue reading “Navigating The Multiverse #3: Even Mark Wahlberg Is Canon”

Navigating The Multiverse #9: Hey, I Got That Reference!

Spoilers… for practically all of 2021. Nick and Jason talk the Hawkeye finale (while somehow forgetting to discuss the climax?) before getting into their Top 10 Marvel 2021 releases. To make it an extra special New Year Episode, the guys also started the Netflix Daredevil show. It’s a jam-packed episode with lots of opinions, lotsContinue reading “Navigating The Multiverse #9: Hey, I Got That Reference!”

Navigating The Multiverse #11: We Smash Names and Take Skulls

It’s time for another episode of everybody’s favorite What If battles, Contenders, including the People’s Votes from the Rabbit Hole Podcast Facebook Page (we also probably say that way too much. Maybe we should change our name to Navigating the Plugs and RunPee Podcast.) Jason continues to have trouble with names. And the guys coverContinue reading “Navigating The Multiverse #11: We Smash Names and Take Skulls”

Navigating The Multiverse #14: The Batman

Yeah, you read that right. We’re peeking into another multiverse for a minute. But we’re also introducing a new format to the show, which includes a discussion on Morbius news and what is quite possibly the single greatest round of Contenders, before going into the new DC flick.

Navigating the Multiverse #18: Moon Knight

This is a pretty wild episode. Nick and Jason discuss both the full She-Hulk and Thor 4 trailers, make a Contenders announcement, and butt heads over Moon Knight. It’s chaotic, and Nick definitely has some words for Jason as the show goes on.

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