Jason’s Awesome DVD Shelf #719: Omoo-Omoo The Shark God

(To explain the number in the title, it’s the 719th movie in my collection. That’s how I plan on organizing these reviews.) Nothing like an 1940’s public domain film to kick things off! With a shitty transfer to boot! This film, along with 19 other movies that I’m sure look and feel the same, are […]

Jason’s Awesome DVD Shelf: The Written Form

Hello good people! You might be looking at the title and saying to yourself “Gosh, that sounds familiar!” Well, thanks for remembering my sad attempts to make YouTube videos! Sometime in the madness that was 2020, I tried to reboot a video series I had called “Jason’s Awesome DVD Shelf” where I showed off and […]

Jason’s Awesome DVD Shelf #158: Horrors of Dracula

I’m not sure why I have so many vampire/Dracula films in my collection. It’s not like I’m a huge fanboy of Dracula. Sure, I enjoy the story. There’s a board game and I LOVE playing as Dracula. But it’s a bit weird for me to have so many films about the bloodsucker. It’s almost as […]

Jason’s Awesome DVD Shelf #755: Sleuth

My mother passed away unexpected 2 years ago and I think about her at least once a day. Sometimes it’s just memories of doing things with her, other times it’s things she’s taught me, other times it was goofy things she did or said that made me laugh. And then there are the movies that […]

A Whole Bunch of Nostalgic Intros and Openings

(NOTE: This was originally written on August 12th, 2018. One part of it is outdated already but I think it’s a fun article. Check it out!) Introductions. Introductions are there to get you, the viewer/reader, prepared for the thing you’re about to watch/read. Take this introduction for example. You’re reading this now, and you’re thinking […]

The Unexplored Albums #1: Weezer-Pinkerton

Is there anybody out there who don’t listen to full complete albums but just certain handpicked songs? Maybe playlists or mixtapes are more your jam? Jason Soto is like that. Not being a complete album guy, he realizes there are probably a lot of great songs he is missing out on. And so the goal […]

Nick’s 2021 Film Wrap-Up

I had a pretty rough year. 2021 might actually have been one of the hardest years of my life thus far. I’m also married and have kids and am typically on a tight budget, so it’s hard for me to get to the theaters (as if that were a thing for a chunk of this […]

Ranking Every 2021 Movie I’ve Seen

I’ve done this for however long since I’ve had a written platform. The last year or so I did it on Whatever but I’ve always ranked every new movie I’ve seen. And I’ll begin with the same caveat: I don’t go to the theaters very often to see movies. I know, 2020 and most of […]

Rabbit Hole Videos

Below are all the videos featuring your favorite Rabbit Hole Podcasts hosts! Whatever with Jason Soto LIVE New Years Eve Special Spectacular Extravaganza Special!! The entire 5 hours stream from New Years Eve 2021. There’s a lot of madness to be had here. Includes a New Years countdown for the Central Time Zone peeps! 2. […]

The Satellite Transmissions: MST3K Pilot Episode: The Green Slime

Hello fans of b-movies and Mystery Science Theater 3000 fans alike! Welcome to a new column here on Rabbit Hole Podcasts! I easily could’ve made this a podcast but I seem to have enough of those and I kinda like writing from time to time, so I thought I’d make this a written post. The […]

The Satellite Transmissions: MST3K KTMA Ep1: Invaders From The Deep

Hello again! It’s time for another review/look at a movie from Mystery Science Theater 3000. Currently, we are in the very early years, when they were on KTMA, a local access TV station that gave them their start. Now, I’ve gone through these episodes on my own before and let me tell you, they are […]

Gallifrey Transmissions: “Legend of the Sea Devils”

The year: 1807. The place: a small village on the coast of China. The situation: the feared pirate queen Madame Ching descends upon the village. Her interest: a mysterious statue of a “sea demon” guarded by Ying Wai and his son Ying Ki. After slaying Ying Wai, the pirate unwittingly awakens the creature trapped within […]

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