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Latest Episodes

Navigating the Multiverse #18: Moon Knight

This is a pretty wild episode. Nick and Jason discuss both the full She-Hulk and Thor 4 trailers, make a Contenders announcement, and butt heads over Moon Knight. It’s chaotic, and Nick definitely has some words for Jason as the show goes on.

Whatever with Jason Soto #97: Way To Go, Mr. Soto!

This episode tests the “whatever” formula we have going on with this show, as Jason, Lisa, or Rob had any planned segments or topics before we hit record. We still managed a somewhat entertaining show. Well, I guess that’s a matter of opinion. 

Lyrical Innuendo #16: Hotel Bed by Lex The Lexicon Artist

Hosts Bubbawheat and Rob Branch take a listen to the 2020 song Hotel Bed by LEX the Lexicon artist, discuss the song with the artist herself, and ask the ultimate question: is this song about sex, drugs, or rock and roll?

InfoBlast #10: Cats

Rob returns just in time for the 10th episode to listen to Nick talk all about the history of domesticated cats, which started millions of years ago, ties into witches, religion, the plague, and the Internet! What else in the world can do all that?

Between The Scares #21: Insidious Chapter 2 (2013)

Jason and Lisa are back and they discuss the sequel Insidious Chapter 2, which picks up where the first film left off and we get more spooky shit. Also Jason tells a very hilarious story about the time he went to see this in theaters.