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CineGamer #8: The Reckoners

Jason and Rob are back! They’re here to tell you about The Reckoners, a co-op game based on a series of young adult novels. You play as a special agent who’s tasked to kill every superhero in town before they destroy the world. Sounds simple, right? WRONG! It’s hard as hell but is it fun? 

Gallifrey Transmissions: Three Stories Featuring The Master

Jason’s initial idea for From Inner Time was that we’d start off discussing stories featuring the Master, alternating stories from the classic and revived series in chronological order. Sadly, we never got past “The Mind of Evil” and “The Sound of Drums”/”Last of the Time Lords”. In that spirit, here are reviews of three storiesContinue reading “Gallifrey Transmissions: Three Stories Featuring The Master”