Top 5 A Thru Z

Top 5 A Thru Z: Letter H Movies

Jason takes on main hosting duties joined by Pete and Tom. Rob returns; making him the first guest to return since Jason before he became an official co-host. The guys discuss their favorite Letter H movies and all kinds of random disturbing uncalled for topics as usual as well.

Top Five A Thru Z: Letter I (or i) Movies

Comic Book Pete, Top Five Tom, Jason “Whatever”/”Boardgame” Soto, Listman/Szanyman Bill and special guest Nolahn (“Lair of the Unwanted” Podcaster and Author) discuss their favorite movies that begin with the Letter i.

Top Five A Thru Z: N Stands For “Not Those Top Five Dudes Again?!?”

Welcome to Episode 14: N stands for “Not those Top Five Dudes Again??!!??” You think we would have learned our lesson from Episodes E & J, but apparently we didn’t. We decided for a third time to test the waters without a guest. Things actually went shockingly smooth for around an hour until Bill’s iPhoneContinue reading “Top Five A Thru Z: N Stands For “Not Those Top Five Dudes Again?!?””

Top Five A Thru Z: And You…Letter O

May you only miss Top Five when you miss one show, and you Letter O. We welcome Comic Book Pete’s buddy Art to our Top five Family. He fits in perfect with us crazy fools as we all give our Top Five O Movie picks!!

Top Five A Thru Z: If You’re Friends of Letter P.

Still not learning their lesson somehow from Episodes E, J, and N; the guys go guestless yet again and as expected things get a bit wacky eventually. It’s a good time had by all as your favorite top Five Crew examines P Movies by going over their favorites.

Top Five A Thru Z: Horror Anthologies

Bill, Pete, Jason, and Tom welcome back Rob(Letter F, Letter H) as their first ever 3 time guest to discuss their favorite Horror Anthologies. Happy Halloween/Horror-tober everyone!! Moohahaha!!

Top Five A Thru Z: Favorite Horror Movies

Bill, Pete, & Jason welcome Rob Branch as their new Co-host. Rob is no stranger to the show being the first guest to have appeared on the show three times (Letter F, Letter H, & Horror Anthologies). All four movie buffs give their top five favorite movies from the Horror genre.

About Us

Top 5 A Thru Z is a fun and loose movie podcast hosted by Bill “Szanyman” Szany, Comic Book Pete Rangel, Rob Branch, and Jason Soto. Every other Tuesday, they, along with a special guest, count down their Top Five favorite movies beginning with a different letter in the alphabet. And other shenanigans ensue.

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