The SibList

The SibList Episode #0.1: Welcome To The SibList!

The SibList?  What’s that?  Get to know Lisa and Marc, your hosts on The SibList!  On this introductory episode, we talk about our earliest movie memories, our favorite movies, and what we love most about film in general.  And of course, we select the title for our very first formal episode!

The SibList Episode #1.7: Slumdog Millionare (2008)

What does it take to throw two siblings off-track and into a rabbit hole of tangents?  Is it A. a third person interrupting the podcast? B. a cat meowing at the door? C. A fantastic movie Marc never should’ve had on his List of Doom? or D. Destiny?  Find out on our newest episode!! 

About Us

Hosted by Lisa Leaheey and Marc Pasonelli. Two siblings, four movie lists, one podcast… what could go wrong?

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