Between The Scares #6: The Accidental Husband

Just when we started to see the light at the end of the tunnel, Jason Blum pulls us back and say “oh no! There’s ONE MORE romantic comedy to get through before we get to all horror, all the time!” And that is 2009’s “The Accidental Husband”. Jason and Lisa discuss this, among other things,Continue reading “Between The Scares #6: The Accidental Husband”

Top Five A Thru Z: N Stands For “Not Those Top Five Dudes Again?!?”

Welcome to Episode 14: N stands for “Not those Top Five Dudes Again??!!??” You think we would have learned our lesson from Episodes E & J, but apparently we didn’t. We decided for a third time to test the waters without a guest. Things actually went shockingly smooth for around an hour until Bill’s iPhoneContinue reading “Top Five A Thru Z: N Stands For “Not Those Top Five Dudes Again?!?””

The SibList Episode 1.1: Ladyhawke (1985)

In their first formal episode, Lisa and Marc discuss fantasy-romance Ladyhawke (1985).  It’s the first time either of them have seen it, so what will they discover in Philippe’s (Matthew Broderick) journey across the land as he escapes from the dungeons of Aquila?  Who is Navarre (Rutger Hauer) and who is that beautiful woman (MichelleContinue reading “The SibList Episode 1.1: Ladyhawke (1985)”

Whatever with Jason Soto #72: More Like Jason SOLO, Amirite?!?

It might be a mistake to unleash this episode onto the world but fuck it here we go. In this episode, there is no guest. It’s just Jason by himself. He reads some fan fiction, ADULT fan fiction, a pretentious novelization of “Independence Day” and finally tells a story about getting a COVID test.

Between The Scares #5: Paranormal Activity

It took 5 episodes but we finally got to the style of movie that makes Blumhouse Productions a Blumhouse Production. As much as Jason is happy to FINALLY discuss a horror movie, Lisa is three times as excited to discuss one of her favorite movies “Paranormal Activity”, the 2007 (released in 2009) found footage movieContinue reading “Between The Scares #5: Paranormal Activity”

Top Five A Thru Z: Letter M Movies & Return of The Vern

In “Letter M Movies: Return of The Vern” we welcome back our good friend of the show from Letter C, The Vern!! The Vern hosts a movie podcast called “Cinema Recall”. Despite our Producer/Co-host Jason’s best attempts to thwart a disaster, things go a bit off the rails; mostly due to Bill. This is ourContinue reading “Top Five A Thru Z: Letter M Movies & Return of The Vern”

Top Five A Thru Z: L Money Magic & The Guest of Thunder

“L Money Magic & the Guest of Thunder” is the 12th episode of “Top Five: A Thru Z” and is also the 1st episode to be recorded as both an audio and video podcast. We welcome our guest Nick Jones from the “Pod of Thunder” Podcast as the five of us give our Top FiveContinue reading “Top Five A Thru Z: L Money Magic & The Guest of Thunder”

Whatever with Jason Soto #71: How I Met Mike Pence

On this episode, I welcome newcomer Erin Brosnihan to talk about all the celebrities we’ve met, which include Seth Green, Steve Carrell, Tommy Wiseau, the singer of Gym Class Heroes, and more before I tell the tale of how the MOTHERFUCKING FORMER VICE-PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES came into my job! You need to hearContinue reading “Whatever with Jason Soto #71: How I Met Mike Pence”

Whatever with Jason Soto #70: Marathon Time Loops

Jason is happy to welcome Bubbawheat, the host of the brand new podcast It’s Time To Rewind as they talk about time loop movies, what constitutes a time loop movie, and Jason recounts his noble effort to watch every Fast and Furious movie and why he failed. Jason is happy to welcome Bubbawheat, the hostContinue reading “Whatever with Jason Soto #70: Marathon Time Loops”