Project Quantum Leap Transmission #2: Quantum Leap (2022) Episode 2: Atlantis

This week I went into the second episode of the 2022 “reboot” of Quantum Leap with some expectations. I was expecting the writing to be a bit better, I was expecting them to get over their first episode problems. I was expecting them to be comfortable with the world they’ve built and let the charactersContinue reading “Project Quantum Leap Transmission #2: Quantum Leap (2022) Episode 2: Atlantis”

Between The Scares #26: Best Night Ever (2013)

Jason and Lisa are back and they’re back to the original Blumhouse list, which unfortunately means they have to talk about a weird blip in Jason Blum’s filmography and that’s Best Night Ever, a comedic found footage film written and directed by the idiots who made the “Movie Movies” (Epic Movie, Superhero Movie, etc) andContinue reading “Between The Scares #26: Best Night Ever (2013)”

Project Quantum Leap Transmission #1: Quantum Leap (2022) Episode 1

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love Quantum Leap, which ran from 1989 to 1993. I missed the first two seasons but like always, thanks to my Mom, she introduced this show to me because we both loved time travel. I caught the new episodes as they aired and USA NetworkContinue reading “Project Quantum Leap Transmission #1: Quantum Leap (2022) Episode 1”

That’s Da Bomb, Yo! #20: Event Horizon (1997)

Why is the history of haunted houses so interesting? Can they make a space horror movie in the ’90s without comparing it to Alien? Why does every style of horror movie eventually get set in space? Should we feel sorry for Paul W.S Anderson? To answer these questions and more Jason is joined by hisContinue reading “That’s Da Bomb, Yo! #20: Event Horizon (1997)”

Whatever with Jason Soto #106: Oklahoma Is The New Florida

Lisa Sally Haynes had to go do something more important so she wasn’t available for this episode, so Jason and Rob are joined by special guest and new Rabbit Hole Podcaster who goes by the name Bear as they talk about a trans Joker, weird news stories from Oklahoma, and how much Bear and RobContinue reading “Whatever with Jason Soto #106: Oklahoma Is The New Florida”

Musically Ignorant #5: Husbands/Circles

This episode of Musically Ignorant is sponsored by Audible! Download your favorite audio books, podcasts, and original shows by using our link and try it free for 30 days! No risk guaranteed!  Lackey plays a song from Savages for Jason and Jason introduces one of his favorite Post Malone songs to Lackey and theyContinue reading “Musically Ignorant #5: Husbands/Circles”

Tales From The RR Season One Episode 3: So, No Pie

Special Agent Ryan Luis Rodrigiuez and The Vern return back to the Double R Diner for more coffee, more pie and even more divulgement into the case files of Twin Peaks.  We visit a brothel that most likely was the inspiration for West World, Cooper has an interesting tastic on how to name a suspect andContinue reading “Tales From The RR Season One Episode 3: So, No Pie”