Navigating The Multiverse #4: #NotMyCaptainAmerica

Nick and Jason take a break from the MCU (maybe? You never know) and check out the wonderfully awful 1990 environmental act propaganda film, Captain America (which strangely has little to do with the environment) before going into the first two episodes of the Disney+ show, Falcon and the Winter Soldier. One of these things,Continue reading “Navigating The Multiverse #4: #NotMyCaptainAmerica”

From Inner Time #2: Lackey’s Poker Buddy

It’s time to talk about some David Tennant! We dive into the episode “Utopia” that brings The Master into the rebooted series and compare and contrast the various actor’s we’ve seen so far play The Master. Also running. This episode features a lot of running. And Jason insulting someone that Lackey holds near and dearContinue reading “From Inner Time #2: Lackey’s Poker Buddy”

Whatever with Jason Soto #80: WE HEART BRENDAN FRASER!!

Honestly, the title explains it all. Goodnight. … … Oh alright. Jason welcomes his long time friend Heather Baxendale-Walsh from The MILFcast to discuss writing horror, why Ghostface is marriage material, and the awesomeness that is Brendan Fraser!  WE STAN BRENDAN FRASER HERE!!!  Also The Mixtape can be found here:

Whatever with Jason Soto #79: Busta Rhymes vs Michael Meyers

Halloween Resurrection was indeed a dark spot on the Halloween franchise and it only gets talked about for about a minute on this episode featuring guest Freddie Young from Full Moon Reviews. Horror TV shows, Walking Dead spoilers, and weird Trivial Pursuit questions are abound in this latest #spookyseason episode!   

Between The Scares #10: Halloween Kills (2021)

It’s the first time Jason and Lisa are covering a brand new movie for the podcast! They discuss the very divisive film Halloween Kills, which is a follow up to the 2018 version of Halloween, which was a direct sequel to Halloween 1978, which ignores all the other Halloween movies that exist and it’s aContinue reading “Between The Scares #10: Halloween Kills (2021)”

The Unexplored Albums #1: Weezer-Pinkerton

Is there anybody out there who don’t listen to full complete albums but just certain handpicked songs? Maybe playlists or mixtapes are more your jam? Jason Soto is like that. Not being a complete album guy, he realizes there are probably a lot of great songs he is missing out on. And so the goalContinue reading “The Unexplored Albums #1: Weezer-Pinkerton”

Navigating The Multiverse #3: Even Mark Wahlberg Is Canon

In this episode, Nick and Jason discuss Venom: Let There Be Carnage and the final two episodes of Marvel’s What If…?. They also ask plenty of questions, like “Is everything canon now?,” “Did the MCU just back itself into a corner?,” “What ISN’T going to be in Spider-Man: No Way Home?,” “What if… women’s dressesContinue reading “Navigating The Multiverse #3: Even Mark Wahlberg Is Canon”

The SibList Episode #1.8: Escape From New York (1981)

Thank you for your patience with us as we’ve been a bit scattered these past few weeks.  However, we think we’ve got some great stuff in store with Episode #1.8 – Escape from New York (1981)! Check out the amazing new #TheSibList mascot on this episode’s poster, enjoy our witty banter as we talk aboutContinue reading “The SibList Episode #1.8: Escape From New York (1981)”

From Inner Time #1: The Thing That Makes The TARDIS Go Woo Woo Woo

In the debut episode of From Inner Time, Jason Soto and Lackey nerd out over their love of Doctor Who. They each talk about what and when they got into the show, where each of their strengths and weaknesses are, and start their run of episodes featuring the Doctor’s greatest foe The Master, with theContinue reading “From Inner Time #1: The Thing That Makes The TARDIS Go Woo Woo Woo”