Musically Ignorant #2: Ride/Never Turn Your Back On Mother Nature

Musically Ignorant is back! Jason and Lackey have returned and have presented each other with two completely different songs? What will Lackey think of Twenty One Pilot’s “Ride” and how will Jason react to hearing Sparks for the first time when he listens to “Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth”? 

I Have A Weird One #7: A Murderous Elephant; Agatha Christie

The Weirdos are back and this time there’s a new format: Jason and Nick are going to present their weird stories and Rob will judge who had the weirdest story that week. With that said, in this episode: -An elephant never forgets…so it goes on a murderous rampage. -Why did Agatha Christie go missing forContinue reading “I Have A Weird One #7: A Murderous Elephant; Agatha Christie”

Rabbit Hole Staff Picks For August 2022

To whom it may concern, by the time you read this…you’ll be reading this months Staff Picks! Enjoy! Jason Soto (Host Whatever with Jason Soto, That’s Da Bomb, Yo!, Co-Host Between The Scares, CineGamer, I Have A Weird One & Musically Ignorant): The Video Archives Podcast with Roger Avary & Quentin Tarantino So I’m recommendingContinue reading “Rabbit Hole Staff Picks For August 2022”

Between The Scares #23: The Thing About Pam (TV 2022)-Episodes 1 & 2

Deciding to take a break from the movies, Jason and Lisa are taking a look at the TV show Blumhouse Productions made earlier in 2022, The Thing About Pam, a show based on a real murder involving a woman named Pam Hupp, played by Renee Zellweger in strange makeup. Also discussed is how Keith MorrisonContinue reading “Between The Scares #23: The Thing About Pam (TV 2022)-Episodes 1 & 2”

That’s Da Bomb, Yo! #16: American Pie (1999)

What happened to the sex comedy in the ’90s? Was nobody brave and daring enough to make one for the greatest decade ever? And when they finally made one at the end of the decade, how much of an impact did it have on society? How many other movies and shows, hell even PORN categoriesContinue reading “That’s Da Bomb, Yo! #16: American Pie (1999)”