Whatever with Jason Soto #96: ROADTRIP!!!

First off, sorry for the audio. I contemplated redoing the episode but I think it ends up not being that bad the more into the episode you get. It’ll be fixed by next week. Jason, Rob, AND Lisa are back to talk about roadtrips and Jason wants to go on a very special roadtrip thatContinue reading “Whatever with Jason Soto #96: ROADTRIP!!!”

The Satellite Transmissions: MST3K KTMA Ep 4-Gamera vs Barugon

Oh hi, sirs! You probably thought I forgot about this project but nope! I just needed to take a few weeks off to deal with some stuff that happened. I watched this episode a couple of weeks ago and haven’t rewatched it since so this is mainly gonna be “what do I remember” sounds fun,Continue reading “The Satellite Transmissions: MST3K KTMA Ep 4-Gamera vs Barugon”

I Have A Weird One #2: Unsinkable Violet Jessop; Reality Jumping; Jason Jolkowski

Some more weirdness for you! In this episode: -A woman who seems to attract ships that sink. -Someone on the show talked to a ghost. -A 19-year-old kid goes missing. If YOU have a weird story you want to share, please email it to ihaveaweirdone@gmail.com

InfoBlast #9: Coca-Cola

Nick is joined by Larry Jorgensen, author of “The Coca-Cola Trail: People and Places in the History of Coca-Cola,” as well as “Return to the Coca-Cola Trail,” all of which and more can be found at thecocacolatrail.com. Larry talks all about the history of Coca-Cola, its bottling history, and the brand’s extensive connections to ourContinue reading “InfoBlast #9: Coca-Cola”

I Have A Weird One #1: Old Fries; Two Faces; Mystery Boys In Woods

In the debut episode of this weird podcast, your hosts Jason, Nick, and Rob each will tell you one really weird story from their lives or the news or just somewhere in the depths of the Internet. We start off talking about old food found in the walls of a house, a man with aContinue reading “I Have A Weird One #1: Old Fries; Two Faces; Mystery Boys In Woods”