Whatever with Jason Soto #69: Kicking Jason Out of Bed With Nikky

WARNING: This episode contains a LOT of sex talk and Jason reveals WAY TOO MUCH about himself, sexually, in this episode. If stuff like that bothers you, or you’re related to me in some way, maybe skip this episode. If not… This being Episode 69, Jason had to get down and dirty with the sexContinue reading “Whatever with Jason Soto #69: Kicking Jason Out of Bed With Nikky”

Between The Scares #3: The Darwin Awards

Jason and Lisa are back to talk about another early Jason Blum film, this time a wacky comedy about people who kill themselves in weird ways. But that’s not the important part, the important part is all the RANDOM ASS CELELBRITIES THAT SHOW UP IN THIS CLEARLY LOW BUDGET FILM!! It’s going to blow yourContinue reading “Between The Scares #3: The Darwin Awards”

Whatever with Jason Soto #68: Will It Podcast?

Jason is back to explain Mary’s absence and welcomes guest Nick Jobe to the show! Jason and Nick talk about various movies, the MCU, Bo Burnham’s Netflix special, and finally why Jason might be getting a little bored with internet comedians Rhett and Link. Check out the Rhett and Link documentary here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKwixWuGMyg

Jason’s Awesome DVD Shelf #755: Sleuth

My mother passed away unexpected 2 years ago and I think about her at least once a day. Sometimes it’s just memories of doing things with her, other times it’s things she’s taught me, other times it was goofy things she did or said that made me laugh. And then there are the movies thatContinue reading “Jason’s Awesome DVD Shelf #755: Sleuth”

Top 5 A Thru Z: Putting The Letter K In Mr. Skin

Putting the Letter K in Mr. Skin since June 2021. In this episode of Top Five A thru Z our guest Tone Deph (Tony/Anthony) Sincavitch from the band Hot Dogs Half Off joins us. Pete, Bill, Jason, Tom, and Tone Deph go over their favorite Letter K movies. We also touch a bit on Mr.Continue reading “Top 5 A Thru Z: Putting The Letter K In Mr. Skin”

Whatever with Jason Soto #67: Man, I Hate Babies

On this special episode, which was recorded on Jason’s birthday, he and Mary welcome Kai Parker and Heather Baxendale-Walsh from The MILFcast to the show and a whole bunch of chaos reigns. From anti-stroller talk to how ugly babies are to ripping off podcasts and theme songs to the mess that is The Big GiantContinue reading “Whatever with Jason Soto #67: Man, I Hate Babies”

Between The Scares #2: The Fever

In this mini-sode, Jason and Lisa take a look at a weird film in Jason Blum’s filmography, “The Fever”, which is about “Woman” played by Vanessa Redgrave having a social and mental breakdown because poor people exist in the world. That’s seriously the plot of the movie. In a podcast that was suppose to beContinue reading “Between The Scares #2: The Fever”

Jason’s Awesome DVD Shelf #430: Real Genius

This was a movie that I’ve actually seen before, some years back. I oddly didn’t remember it that well but I knew I liked it. Which is odd cause a lot of movies that I liked, I can remember. Anyway, there’s not much to this movie honestly. It’s basically Revenge of the Nerds mashed withContinue reading “Jason’s Awesome DVD Shelf #430: Real Genius”

Whatever with Jason Soto #66: Shakespeare Cinematic Universe

(NOTE: I’ve been having issues with my mic the last couple of weeks so I messed with a setting and I came out kinda TOO loud. It’s still audible but it might be a bit annoying. I promise I’ll have it fixed by next episode. My apologizes.) Wouldn’t it be awesome if King Lear hiredContinue reading “Whatever with Jason Soto #66: Shakespeare Cinematic Universe”