That’s Da Bomb, Yo! #14: Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion (1997)

Why would a straight 17-year-old male ever have the desire to watch this film? Is Lisa Kudrow the best actor from friends? Why is there a character named Sandy Frank? How come people pretend to hate the show Friends? To answer these questions and more Jason Soto invites the co-host of Cinema Recall Ashley ontoContinue reading “That’s Da Bomb, Yo! #14: Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion (1997)”

I Have A Weird One #4: John List; Smokey The Cat; Napoleon’s Rabbit Hunt

On this episode of I Have A Weird One: -A man suddenly murders his entire family and goes missing. Where did he go? -Rob’s cat vanishes inside the house. Where did he go? -Napoleon and his army had a rabbit hunt. Where did they go wrong? We want to hear YOUR weird stories! Email themContinue reading “I Have A Weird One #4: John List; Smokey The Cat; Napoleon’s Rabbit Hunt”

InfoBlast #11: Guns and the Second Amendment

After the recent shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, TX, Nick and Rob take a little diversion to speak about the (unbiased) history of guns and the second amendment in the United States. It’s a longer episode, but there’s a lot to discuss, even looking at an abridged version. Note on Sources: A bulkContinue reading “InfoBlast #11: Guns and the Second Amendment”

Rabbit Hole Staff Picks For June 2022

Starting this month, I’ve opened up the staff picks to be ANYTHING entertainment wise, whether it’s a song/album, board game, book, TV show, movie, literally ANYTHING that can be enjoyed. Jason Soto (Host Whatever with Jason Soto, That’s Da Bomb, Yo!, Co-Host Between The Scares, Top 5 A Thru Z, CineGamer, Navigating The Multiverse &Continue reading “Rabbit Hole Staff Picks For June 2022”

That’s Da Bomb, Yo! #13: Wild At Heart (1990)

Is this the earliest film ever covered on this show? Did the 90’s technically not start until 1992? Why do some people consider this movie more of a Nicholas Cage movie than a David Lynch movie? Is this the start of “commercially available David Lynch”? How come Nicolas Cage and David Lynch never worked togetherContinue reading “That’s Da Bomb, Yo! #13: Wild At Heart (1990)”