Maniac with a Machete Season 1

Hi everybody! Before I launched Rabbit Hole Podcasts, I only had Whatever with Jason Soto. Sort of running alongside Whatever was a movie podcast I hosted with my friend Rachel Thuro. I have discovered that she has never seen a single Friday the 13th film in her life. As a fan of the entire series, I decided to do something about that. So I asked if she’d love to host a show where we go through each movie and discuss them and get her thoughts on them. She agreed for some reason and that lead to Maniac with a Machete!

I have made this page as an archive of season 1, where we cover every Friday the 13th film. We did a season 2 where we covered A Nightmare on Elm Street series, which ended with Freddy vs Jason. Those episodes, at least mostly, seem to be lost to time. They all were on a hard drive that since crashed and the website I had them upload to seem to have vanished. I have a small handful of those that I’ll probably post at a later date.

For now, here’s the entirety of season 1, where Rachel discovers Baghead Jason, having a hammock instead of a bed, sexy slingshots, Crispin Glover’s dancing, and of course…Shelly. God, I wish I could do this all over again. Please enjoy!

#1: Six Degrees of Jason Voorhees

We covered the very first film in which I explained the concept of the podcast and talked about Pamela Voorhees and how great of a mother she is.

#2: Sexy Slingshot

This episode featured us talking about Baghead Jason and if he is the best version of Jason out there. And we spend way too much time talking about how sexy slingshots are, only because this movie forced us to have that conversation.

#3: A Shelly-bration

One of the things I was looking forward to talk about with Rachel was her reaction to Shelly, the most divisive character ever in Friday the 13th lore. Plus if three people are considered a “gang” and can hammocks actually be beds?

#4: Crispin Glover Died For Your Sins

Considering this movie was called The Final Chapter, Rachel was confused on what the next 8 episodes of this show was going to be about. I told her it was going to turn into a cooking podcast and we were gonna share receipes. But before that, we get to witness the glory that is Crispin Glover dancing. By the way, Rachel secretly loves Crispin, but don’t tell anyone.

#5: The Fifth Episode

OK, this episode did have a title, but I lost all the info on it so I don’t remember what I called it. I know it had something to do with the slow guy getting killed over a chocolate bar but that’s all I can remember. 

#6: Jason Voorhees: Feminist

I cannot clearly explain why I LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie. I tried my damndest, but I don’t think Rachel clearly understood how awesome this movie was. I called it the “Airplane!” of slasher movies because it felt like a spoof of Friday the 13th, but it WAS a Friday the 13th movie! This was also Kane Hodder’s first time playing Jason. I can’t stress enough, if you only see ONE Friday the 13th film, see this one.

#7: Carrie vs Jason

The only thing I remember from this episode was I was sick and couldn’t think of a more clever title. I also didn’t feel like editing in clips of the movie between the movie discussion, which was probably for the best cause there wasn’t much anyway. But it’s got Bernie from Weekend at Bernie’s, so there’s that.

#8: Jason Takes (His Time Getting To) Manhattan

Rachel inspired this awesome title because holy fuck this movie. Also, the best thing happened before recording this episode. I was waiting around on Skype for Rachel to get on. When her name came up, she sent me a message that only said “I’M DRUNK, LET’S DO THIS!” I said “Oh boy…” and clicked on the call button. This resulted in a pretty damn good episode if I say so myself. I don’t know how much of it she remembers though…

#9: Eat Your Heart Out

When this episode was out, that Lizzo meme was running around the internet so this is also titled “I Took A DNA Test And Turns Out I’m 100% A Voorhees”. This featured one of my favorite pictures, a banner in a crappy restaurant that declares JASON IS DEAD so all burgers are 2 For 1. When I die, I want someone to make this banner and hang it over my casket.

#10: Evil Gets An Upload

So this joke is subtle but it’s mentioned in the episode. The nerdy guy who has a female robot (boy, do we go down THAT road) reprograms the robot to be a super badass to fight Jason and he says “I gave her an upload” which I’m sure he meant to say “an upgrade”. But then upload works as a sex joke. So I have no idea what they were going for. But anyway, Jason is in space. That’s all you need to know about this one.

#11: Chekhov’s Woodchipper

The season finale where we cover the very much unneeded remake “Friday the 13th” which features a very extended sex scene, but oddly enough, that wasn’t what was cut out! Turns out Rachel and I watched different cuts of this movie and they cut the most lame thing out, you wouldn’t believe what it was. But yes, this is the end of season 1. In Season 2, we will return to cover all the Nightmare on Elm Street films, and end that season on Freddy vs Jason, in case you were wondering about that one. So stay tuned for that!! And thanks for listening!

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