Randomness – Entry #4

“Pete’s Top Comics of the Month”

Pete’s top comics to check out for the month:

1. Amazing Spider-Man has this comic book event called “Dark Web” going on right now in Amazing Spider-Man and Venom titles with, of course, others, dealing with the X-Men villain Goblin Queen Madelyne Pryor and the once-hero called “Scarlet Spider” Ben Reilly (now called Chasm) who are working together to battle Spider-Man, X-Men, Venom, Ms. Marvel, and others. Pretty good story you need to check out.

2. Batman just ended a really good story called “Failsafe.” Bruce makes this robot in case things turn dark and it pretty much becomes the Doomsday of Batmans, and that’s all I’m going to say on this one.

3. Keanu Reeves plus comics, a little bit of something Wolverine-like thrown in the mix, sci-fi, and lots of action equals a badass maxi-series called BRZRKR I highly recommend.

4. I loved reading (but honestly haven’t finished yet) the first I Hate Fairyland by (usually artist, but writer here) Skottie Young, and volume 2 just released recently with issues #1 & #2 out to buy now. pretty much a satire of “Alice in Wonderland,” but for adults and very funny. 

4. Boom! Studios has a new, good take on an old fairytale-thing too, but in a darker, much different sense. What if you found a pair of sunglasses that can grant your every wish but with repercussions? In “SPECS” #1 you will find out. Love the cover homage to the movie They Live too. When I first got it I thought, “Is this a sequel or prequel?!” but it has absolutely nothing to do with They Live—but still a great read.

And #5 (because, since you all know I’m part of the Top 5 crew, I had to do 5) here is: if you like horror, check out The Nice House On The Lake from DC Comics. Not going to say much else on it since it’s that good, with lots of surprises in it. But I will say it’s one of those stories where certain people get invited somewhere but with a purpose… in a horror sense. 

That’s my 5 this month!

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