The 365 Day Movie Challenge

A reoccurring thing that pops up on Facebook and Twitter are these movie challenges. Someone makes a list of types of movies to watch, sometimes with a theme, sometimes just random. But they’re almost always only 30 days long. I say if you’re going to do something, go all in or don’t go shit at all!! Or something… Anyway, I present to you:

The Jason Soto 365 Day Movie Challenge!!

Yes, for one full year, I will tell you what movie to watch each day. This challenge is only for the brave, for the daring, and for the stupid. And I expect everyone to report to me via #jasonsoto365challenge on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram! Ready for me to run your life for a year!

Day 1: A movie starring Danny DeVito
Day 2: A movie that features a character brushing their teeth while talking, which is impossible to do in real life.
Day 3: A movie where a character is afraid of a mouse.
Day 4: A movie where someone says they have to go to the bathroom and they walk off camera, but this wasn’t scripted and the actor really had to go to the bathroom.
Day 5: A movie where someone wears a mustache for comedic effect.
Day 6: A movie where someone puts on shoes.
Day 7: A movie from France.
Day 8: A movie where a bear is just off frame.
Day 9: A movie that features a song by either Hall, Oates, Simon, or Garfunkel but not any of them together. Individually.
Day 10: A movie where a girl walks down a sidewalk.
Day 11: A movie that takes place in the woods BUT THE PLOT DOES NOT INVOLVE THEM CAMPING!
Day 12: A horror movie starring a lead singer of a band you never heard of.
Day 13: A musical that’s all about the joy and wonders of photosynthesis.
Day 14: A bio-pic of Watson and Crick.
Day 15: A movie that features a scene that takes place in front of a fireplace and a dead bear on the floor BUT IS NOT A SPOOF OR PARODY!
Day 16: A movie where someone uses those old timey phones where you hold one end to your ear and you put your mouth to the other end BUT TAKES PLACE IN 2023!
Day 17: A time travel movie where the character keeps forgetting they’re a time traveler and talks about the past when he or she is actually in the past!
Day 18: A movie starring Frank Stallone
Day 19: A movie that features a toupee but not on someone’s head.
Day 20: A movie where the grandparents are secretly fucking when no one is looking.
Day 21: A movie that takes place in 2023 but no one uses a computer, cell phone, or any kind of modern technology.
Day 22: A movie where someone dries off with a towel.
Day 23: A movie where the lead actor and actress fell in love, got married, got divorced, and filed restraining orders all before the movie finished filming.
Day 24: A movie that features a super skinny guy body building but instead of being clumsy, he actually works out.
Day 25: A movie featuring an animal that’s not a dog, cat, bird, fish, or hamster.
Day 26: A movie based on a board game that’s not Clue. Or Battleship.
Day 27: A porn movie that’s a parody of a non-porn movie, like John Dick or Edward Penishands.
Day 28: A movie where the bad guy is a juggler.
Day 29: A movie where a background extra is eating KFC.
Day 30: A movie that Entertainment Weekly gave a B- and thought it was “only mildly entertaining”.
Day 31: A movie that features a wombat.
Day 32: A movie where the cast lip sync a song during the ending credits but you don’t recognize the song.
Day 33: A movie where a guy throws a playing card out of a window.
Day 34: A movie that features a bus tire but it can’t be on a bus.
Day 35: A movie about bubbles. Not just feature bubbles but is actually about the bubbles themselves.
Day 36: A movie where a gun is shown in the first act but is never seen or used throughout the rest of the film.
Day 37: A movie starring Melissa McCarthy in a chipmunk costume.
Day 38: A movie where someone answers the phone by saying “Yello!”
Day 39: A movie where a guy gets kicked in the nuts but he likes it.
Day 40: A movie about prostitutes that isn’t about how crappy their lives are but an actual celebration of prostitution.
Day 41: A movie about a dude having a mid-life crisis but he keeps it to himself.
Day 42: A movie where a dog tries to find his family that moved across the country and doesn’t attempt to find them.
Day 43: Watch Home Alone 3. I dare you.
Day 44: A movie where an airplane lands on a pig farm.
Day 45: A movie that takes place in a hospital but PLOT TWIST it’s actually a hospital for termites!
Day 46: A movie where someone is too YOUNG for this shit!
Day 47: A movie about trying to get Eddie Vedder to a Pearl Jam concert in time.
Day 48: A movie that features dancing around a pair of underwear found in the desert.
Day 49: A movie that takes place in the desert but people actually like going there from time to time. Enjoy the solitude and maybe even the heat.
Day 50: Your favorite Neil Breen film.
Day 51: Something featuring Ted Kaczynski in a supporting role.
Day 52: A movie that makes you think it’s going to a light hearted romantic comedy but it turns into a fake snuff film.
Day 53: An actual snuff film.
Day 54: That weird movie about the guy in a cabin who thinks he’s God so he shits in a bucket for 20 minutes.
Day 55: The movie your cousin shot on his iPhone that you kept swearing you’d watch someday. Guess what, that time is now! OPEN THE EMAIL I SENT, DAMMIT!! I mean he sent.
Day 56: A movie produced by Dr Pepper.
Day 57: Watch It’s A Wonderful Life 20 times.
Day 58: Idiocracy. It’s a great underrated movie and more people should see it.
Day 59: A “documentary” about a conspiracy theory, like how Paul McCartney is actually dead or how the water you just drank is actually full of rabbit turds.
Day 60: Security camera footage from your job.
Day 61: Every episode of Rhett and Link’s Good Mythical Morning.
Day 62: A movie where Gary Buesy doesn’t fly off the rails.
Day 63: A movie where someone wears a mustache for dramatic effect.
Day 64: A movie that was entirely filmed through a microscope.
Day 65: Watch a short animated cartoon because today I want you to take a camera out to some woods and let it record.
Day 66: A movie where no one speaks English but there’s no subtitles, not even as an option on the DVD.
Day 67: Watch the footage you filmed from the woods two days ago.
Day 68: A film that scares you…into buying a condo.
Day 69: A type of porn you’d never seen before.
Day 70: A movie about a grown man who messed up during school and now he must go back. BUT YOU CAN PICK ONLY ONE!!!!!
Day 71: A movie that’d make Thom York from Radiohead go “Sheesh, lighten up, will you?”
Day 72: The 1002nd movie you need you watch before you die.
Day 73: Watch one of those Andy Warhol movies that just shows one thing for 8 hours…TWICE!
Day 74: A movie that features non-human boobs.
Day 75: A movie with a soundtrack by Sara Bareilles’ cousin Tracy.
Day 76: A movie that’s actually a book.
Day 77: A movie that tastes slightly sour.
Day 78: A non-superhero movie starring Deadpool.
Day 79: A movie that has a scene that spoofs Meatballs.
Day 80: A movie that was directed by a CPR dummy.
Day 81: Attempt to watch a Lars von Trier movie, get annoyed/grossed out 20 minutes in, and watch season 3 of The Office instead.
Day 82: Die Hard 1.5, the sequel to Die Hard that’s all from the point of view of the guy who was in the sewer trying to turn the lights off to the building.
Day 83: Watch the whole 10 hour video of Tom Delonge’s verse of “I Miss You” by Blink 182.
Day 84: A movie where no one is wearing socks.
Day 85: A movie with scenes that will literally kill you when you watch them.
Day 86: A movie that requires you to shake the disc prior to you putting into the player.
Day 87: A movie starring a wrestler you never heard of.
Day 88: A movie starring a boxer you never heard of.
Day 89: A movie starring a sumo wrestler you never heard of.
Day 90: A movie that stars nothing but mimes.
Day 91: The movie that I left on your doorstep last night. Watch it. I’ll know if you don’t. I’ll know…
Day 92:  A movie starring a cloud.
Day 93: Pick any movie where John Cusack is in the rain.
Day 94: A movie where the letter T is the fourth letter in the title.
Day 95: A movie where someone says “Then that means…the murderer….is THE PIG!!”
Day 96: A movie where someone is killed with a straw.
Day 97: A movie where the lead actor’s dick slipped out of his pants and no one told him so it stayed in the movie.
Day 98: I think today is the day the latest Marvel movie is in theaters. Go see that! It’s awesome!
Day 99: A movie that will turn you into an alcoholic.
Day 100: A movie where someone is named Engelbert Humperdinck.
Day 101:  A movie where someone is wearing button-fly jeans.
Day 102: A movie where the plot revolves around a fanny pack.
Day 103: A movie based on a breakfast cereal.
Day 104: A movie where it’s snowing but no one mentions it or even goes out in it.
Day 105: A Francis Ford Coppola that’s about a guy looking for a bag.
Day 106: Take some pills and watch the first thing you come across.
Day 107: A movie with a talking gallbladder.
Day 108: A movie where someone eats mistletoe.
Day 109: A movie that’s just a series of commercials for the 2019 Ford Elantra.
Day 110: A movie where a guy rubs his nipples while listening to Johnny Cash.
Day 111: A movie where they actually hack into websites and crash the economy.
Day 112: A movie about a writer but he’s having no problems with what he’s writing and makes his deadline on time.
Day 113: A movie about a baby learning how to play the flute.
Day 114: A movie where the camera was propped up on a water bottle.
Day 115: A non-porn movie that shows 3 dicks.
Day 116: Marley and Me but watched backwards!
Day 117: A movie where someone throws a squid at a cab driver.
Day 118: A movie where someone sings a song about cashing their check at a liquor store.
Day 119: A movie that’s exactly 49 seconds long.
Day 120: A movie starring Rhea Perlman.
Day 121: A movie where a guy shaves off his beard and glues it onto The Statue of Liberty.
Day 122: A movie where everyone drinks from a white can.
Day 123: A movie featuring an animated butthole.
Day 124: A movie about a guy who falls in love with a girl and they get married and have kids but turns out the girl was Cthulhu and the world is engulfed in eternal darkness.
Day 125: A movie that features this exact line of dialogue: “Well, to tell you the truth, I didn’t know the cat was full of gas when I started smoking this cigar so it was a complete surprise when it blew up. Anyway, how are you?”
Day 126: A horror movie about doing taxes.
Day 127: A movie that you randomly grabbed from your shelf because you got busy today and didn’t have time to watch anything but now it’s 5 minutes till Midnight and you hate to lose this challenge so you just popped in whatever.
Day 128: A movie about musical instruments coming to life and trying to make it to regionals.
Day 129: A movie starring your Uncle Gary.
Day 130: A movie where someone licks a brick.
Day 131: A movie starring Tyne Daly.
Day 132: A movie where Ed Asner scratches his balls.
Day 133: A movie where the clouds come out at night.
Day 134: A movie where clowns come out at night.
Day 135: A movie about the economic collapse of 1988.
Day 136: A movie where someone dusts a color TV.
Day 137: This should be the day the newest Star Wars movie comes out. Go see that, it’s awesome!
Day 138: A modern movie where Elton John makes out with a woman.
Day 139: A movie where someone wears a feather boa un-ironically.
Day 140: A movie where someone wears a trucker hat that says “I LICK PUSSY” and there a giant tongue on the top of it.
Day 141: Watch Shazam starring Sinbad. Yes, it exists!
Day 142: A movie…oh shit it was on the tip of my tongue. You know! It stars that guy who dated that woman who use to be married to…oh what was his name? Dammit! This is going to bother me now! UGH!! You know!! THAT ONE!!! GOD DAMN IT WHAT’S IT CALLED?!?!?!?!
Day 143: Give furry porn a try. You never know until you give it a shot.
Day 144: A movie that Quentin Tarantino loves.
Day 145: A movie that digitally erased Bill Cosby.
Day 146: A movie that makes you contemplate incest. Ok, this one is a little weird, even for me. I apologize.
Day 147: Watch all of David Lynch’s films backwards and realize that’s how you’re suppose to watch them this entire time.
Day 148: A movie that made Roger Ebert say “I rather have my butthole waxed than watch this piece of dreck again!”
Day 149: Tongues: The Movie
Day 150: A movie where someone has a pencil tucked behind their ear but they never use it.
Day 151: Jump ahead on this list and watch the film listed on Day 207.
Day 152: If today is your birthday, watch My Little Pony: The Movie. If it’s not your birthday, see if you can scam Chili’s into giving you a free desert. Sure, you’ll have to endure people singing Happy Birthday to you, but hey free cake!
Day 153: A movie where the lead role was suppose to be played by Michael Jackson but he quit due to creative differences.
Day 154: Some awesome person uploaded Basket Case on YouTube for free so watch that!
Day 155: A movie that’ll make you want to eat a bunch of ice cream.
Day 156: A movie based on a graphic novel by Charles Bukowski.
Day 157: A movie that’s actually just a Steak n Shake training video.
Day 158: A movie starring the long lost Baldwin brother Jerry.
Day 159: Coupon: The Movie
Day 160: Something from Billy Joel’s Top Ten Favorite Movies of all time!
Day 161: A John Hughes movie…BUT NOT THAT JOHN HUGHES!
Day 162: Whatever movie is playing at the bar you’re at.
Day 163: A movie that almost made Steven Spielberg quit directing.
Day 164: DM Trent Reznor and asked him what he’s watching and watch that.
Day 165: Google IMDB 1955 and the 8th movie you find watch that.
Day 166: A movie where a termite is a plot point.
Day 167: A silent movie but midway through you realize it’s not really silent, you just had the TV on mute.
Day 168: An scannán tíre a bhfuil an téacs seo ina leith.
Day 169: Just watch The Princess Bride, jeez.
Day 170: Get a newspaper, turn to the section where they list the showtimes in movies, hang it up on a wall and throw a dart. Whatever movie the dart landed on, go see that.
Day 171: An animated Australian film.
Day 172: A movie where the title is exactly 9 letters long and doesn’t contain the word “The”.
Day 173: A movie where the REAL Santa Claus is a bad guy, NOT a guy dressed as Santa doing bad things.
Day 174: Start licking people at work and the first person to ask “What the hell are you doing?!” tell them to shout out the first movie they think of. Watch that.
Day 175: Call your ex and ask them for a movie recommendation. Maybe they’re still single and you MIGHT have a chance…
Day 176: A Steven Seagal movie from 2016.
Day 177: Watch anything BUT Twilight. Dear god ANYTHING but Twilight.
Day 178: A movie where Europe doesn’t exist.
Day 179: A movie that’s a spoof of a spoof of a spoof!
Day 180: A movie that calls itself a horror movie but is a slapstick comedy starring The Marx Brothers.
Day 181: A sequel to a Devon Sawa movie.
Day 182: A movie where someone messes up their lipstick.
Day 183: A movie where someone time travels BUT YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW!
Day 184: A movie that’s 75% orange.
Day 185: A movie that featured a strange, ill-placed cameo by Donald Trump.
Day 186: A movie where someone points at a calendar.
Day 187: A movie that doesn’t exist thanks to the Mandela Effect!
Day 188: A movie where someone uses Tupperware.
Day 189: Pick something randomly but have the movie playing WITH THE TV OFF!
Day 190: Skip this day and go adopt a child.
Day 191: Whatever I told you to watch on Day 7, watch that again BUT IN FRENCH!
Day 192: A animated movie where the lead character is voiced by someone who shouldn’t be doing kids films.
Day 193: That movie you got in from Netflix and you kept meaning to get to. Today is that day, my friend.
Day 194: A movie that features a character named Jackie.
Day 195: The third movie on Michael Jordan’s IMDb page.
Day 196: A movie where a white person jumps.
Day 197: If today is Halloween, watch an old black and white horror movie. If tomorrow is Halloween, watch the film I recommend for Day 198.
Day 198: If yesterday was Halloween, watch a color horror movie. If today is Halloween, watch Misery.
Day 199: A late 1980’s John Travolta film.
Day 200: Pick a number from 1-26. Relate that number to it’s letter on the alphabet (Ex: 1=A, 2=B, etc). Do that again until you have a word that makes sense. Pick a movie that features that word.
Day 201: A movie where the whole plot hinges on a fax machine working or not.
Day 202: A movie that would be improved if narrated by Morgan Freeman.
Day 203: A movie that would be improved if narrated by Tracy Morgan.
Day 204: A movie that’ll help raise the Dark One Cthulhu! Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn!!
Day 205: A movie featuring the acting chops of Bob Vila.
Day 206: A quiet little movie to have on in the background while you soak in the tub, light some candles, and drink some wine. Just forgot about the rough day you had. Don’t think about tomorrow. Just enjoy now. Ahhh…
Day 207: Go back and watch the film you watched on Day 151.
Day 208: A movie that shows someone drinking a bottle of Jack Daniels for 20 minutes straight.
Day 209: A movie featuring nothing but inanimate objects.
Day 210: That movie you bought at that cash checking place last Friday at 2AM.
Day 211: Movies about seals narrated by Seal.
Day 212: The latest movie from The Asylum.
Day 213: A movie featuring a muppet that isn’t a kids film OR a comedy!
Day 214: The Notebook as directed by Tommy Wiseau.
Day 215: A movie you thought wasn’t based on a comic book or graphic novel but GODDAMMIT it is!! UGH! IS EVERYTHING BASED ON A COMIC NOW A DAYS?!? JESUS CHRIST!
Day 216: A silent movie but instead of an organist providing the soundtrack, it’s a DJ.
Day 217: Grown Ups 2 but synced up with Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon album.
Day 218: A movie that features a werewolf but isn’t the focal point.
Day 219: A movie based on an episode of “T.J Hooker”.
Day 220: A movie that’s entirely from the point of view of a billy goat.
Day 221: A sports movie about a sports team that plays a sport only played in New Zealand.
Day 222: A documentary about incels.
Day 223: That one movie with that one guy who did that one thing.
Day 224: A movie approved by the National Homeowner’s Association.
Day 225: A movie that doesn’t have a Funko Pop figure tied to it.
Day 226: A movie you can only buy from a guy named Stu in a back alley.
Day 227: A movie starring Marla Gibbs and/or Jackée Harry.
Day 228: A silent black and white movie about a shark.
Day 229: Orange: The Movie
Day 230: A Spike Lee Joint starring Shelly Long
Day 231: A movie about a guy named Jar.
Day 232: A film that was filmed through a straw.
Day 233: Just pick something but cover your TV in bubble wrap.
Day 234: The 101th Bottom Movie on IMDb.
Day 235: Dave’s favorite movie of all time.
Day 236: Google “Last Family Owned Video Store” and drive to it, no matter how far, and ask them for a recommendation. Thank them, leave without buying anything, and buy that movie at Wal-Mart and watch it.
Day 237: Is Room 237 too obvious here? Then just watch The Shining.
Day 238: A movie where someone tries to drink something but stops, goes to drink again, stops, starts to drink a third time but then doesn’t drink it at all.
Day 239: A movie aimed for toddlers.
Day 240: Spicy Meme: The Movie
Day 241: A movie where someone farts for 5 minutes straight.
Day 242: The Air Supply Concert Film.
Day 243: A movie about a pig trying to buy drugs from a fox but the chicken rats them out.
Day 244: A prequel to a movie that didn’t need a prequel.
Day 245: A movie based on a tabloid story.
Day 246: Judge Mathis: The Movie
Day 247: Did you know Jerry Springer made a movie that’s basically Jerry Springer: The Movie except he doesn’t call himself Jerry Springer nor is the show The Jerry Springer Show? Anyway, watch Rear Window.
Day 248: Do that thing where you draw a stick figure playing basketball on several pages of a book and then you flip it to make it move and just do that for 2 hours.
Day 249: OH! Today’s the trip to Disney World! The flight is showing The Human Centipede 2.
Day 250: A 1988 VHS tape of sports bloopers.
Day 251: THIS ENTRY IS FOR THOSE WHO ARE 18 OR OLDER! DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU ARE YOUNGER THAN 18! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! ….. Man people who are under 18 are horrible, aren’t they? Anyway, watch your sex tape that you labeled SUPER BOWL 1998 and don’t cry this time.
Day 252: A movie that doesn’t show any type of liquid whatsoever.
Day 253: A movie about people trying to climb a mountain…and failing.
Day 254: Whatever the 5th movie is listed on Mr. Skin’s Update site. (SERIOUSLY, THIS SITE IS NSFW NOR FOR ANYONE UNDER 18! FOR REAL!)
Day 255: Today’s the day to finally give a Bollywood movie a shot.
Day 256: Every movie Bob Saget directed.
Day 257: Today is Allison’s birthday. Force her to watch The Last Jedi with you.
Day 258: I triple double dog dare you to watch a post-2008 Adam Sandler movie.
Day 259: A movie a horny teenager would have the poster for in his room.
Day 260: A movie entirely done in semaphore.
Day 261: A movie where a cashier from a bank becomes President of the United States.
Day 262: A movie you think the floating bag kid from American Beauty would watch.
Day 263: Put in some pizza rolls in the oven and start watching Lord of the Rings. When you finish eating the pizza rolls, turn the movie off.
Day 264: A Superman movie where HE’S the bad guy!
Day 265: A movie where someone makes armpit fart sounds.
Day 266: A movie that gives you the urge to fuck Steve Carell.
Day 267: A rockumentary about a popular British band from the 90’s who self destructed in the early 2000’s. Anyway, here’s Wonderwall.
Day 268: A book that’s actually a movie.
Day 269: Oh jeez, just watch porn again!
Day 270: A movie where a British guy plays an American, an American guy plays a British guy, a Japanese guy plays a Korean guy, and a Korean guy plays an Australian.
Day 271: The cutest movie you’ve ever seen. Who’s the cutest movie you every seen? YOU ARE! YES YOU ARE!! SOOO CUTE!!!!
Day 272: A movie that makes Mark John Chapman look like the good guy.
Day 273: A movie where Queen Elizabeth is a badass.
Day 274: A real movie about a fake movie.
Day 275: A fake movie about a real movie.
Day 276: A movie from the point of view of an ostrich.
Day 277: A movie that dares to mess with Texas.
Day 278: An uplifting Michael Moore film.
Day 279: A non-confusing David Lynch film.
Day 280: A normal David Cronenberg film.
Day 281: Watch Beauty and the Beast and masturbate every time Gaston appears.
Day 282: A movie with a character that has the same first AND last name as you.
Day 283: A movie you didn’t know Michael Jackson was in.
Day 284: This is probably the day you’ll feel like giving up on this challenge. It’s been 284 days?! My god, where has the time gone! But don’t give up now! You’re almost there! Oh and watch Taxi with Jimmy Fallon and Queen Latifah.
Day 285: A movie where all the actors are literal babies.
Day 286: A movie where you swear you went to school with the supporting character.
Day 287: A movie where Lysol is a key component to the plot.
Day 288: A movie that spawned a creepy annual convention.
Day 289: A movie that stars at least 3 Scientologist.
Day 290: A movie where someone is killed by a watermelon.
Day 291: A movie based on a book you wrote.
Day 292: A movie where someone gets shocked in the nuts.
Day 293: The one bad Robert Rodriguez movie.
Day 294: The best movie Stephen Baldwin ever made.
Day 295: A movie that features at least three actors who played Doctor Who.
Day 296: In all seriousness, you should watch Attack The Block. It’s such an underrated film. Turn the captions on though.
Day 297: A movie that was made on a dare.
Day 298: A movie based on a song.
Day 299: A movie featuring the opposite of outcasts: people who are accepted in society and they aren’t d-bags.
Day 300: To honor the memory of Burt Reynolds, watch Cannonball Run and tomorrow-
Day 301: Boogie Nights, and finally-
Day 302: Sharkey’s Machine. RIP BURT!!!!!
Day 303: I believe watching an episode of “Mystery Science Theater 3000” counts as watching the movie featured, so pick any episode. I would recommend one but the list would be too many.
Day 304: Whatever steaming pile of crap Netflix is featuring on their main page today.
Day 305: A movie where 80% of the cast is dead.
Day 306: Let’s give DC a pity fuck and go watch one of their movies in theater.
Day 307: Pokemon Go: The Movie
Day 308: Go to your Facebook Memories and whatever you watched 5 years ago, watch that, no matter what it was.
Day 309: A movie starring Stephen Jenkins from Third Eye Blind.
Day 310: A movie where someone’s life is saved thank to a blowjob.
Day 311: Something from
Day 312: A movie where a dog gets disrespected.
Day 313: A movie about astronauts trying to save Uranus and they say Uranus 900 times in the movie. Uranus.
Day 314: You’ve watched a movie a day for 314 days. So you know what? Take today off and go for a walk. Or work on your book. Or finish that painting. You deserve it!
Day 315: OH MY GOD YOU DIDN’T WATCH A MOVIE YESTERDAY?!? Now you have to watch TWO movies! Both movies should star Kirk Cameron.
Day 316: A 3 hour movie based on a passage from The Bible.
Day 317: A movie that makes working on a fishing boat glamorous.
Day 318: An animated movie starring a pro wrestler.
Day 319: The kid you adopted back on Day 190 should be arriving. Ask them what they wanna watch. Watch that.
Day 320: A movie starring nothing but cardboard cut-outs of celebrities.
Day 321: A movie that came out on July 18th, 1984.
Day 322: The movie Dracula vs The Pope.
Day 323: A movie that takes PLACE on July 18th, 1984.
Day 324: A movie where someone owning a plunger is crucial to the plot.
Day 325: A movie that’s a rip-off of a cartoon from the 80’s.
Day 326: The movie that’s listed as the answer to question 4 on card 795 in Trivial Pursuit: 90’s Edition.
Day 327: A movie that took all of 2 hours to film.
Day 328: A movie that cost $198.57 to film, adjusted for inflation.
Day 329: A movie that made 9 BILLION dollars on it’s first day, NOT adjusted for inflation.
Day 330: A movie where someone is killed using office supplies.
Day 331: The movie that made Dave Grohl cry.
Day 332: A movie where someone bathes in cereal.
Day 333: A movie where someone kills someone with a paper clip.
Day 334: A movie where each person speaks a different language, yet they all understand each other.
Day 335: A movie where a one night stand goes RIGHT!
Day 336: The last remaining movie from the ’80s that SJW’s haven’t ruined…oops too late.
Day 337: A movie about sado-masochist balloon animals.
Day 338: A post-2018 movie produced by Harvey Weinstein.
Day 339: A movie about narwhals.
Day 340: A movie that Deep Blue Something would write a song about.
Day 341: Movies about a future world where anti-vaxxers win. And it’s just two hours of planet Earth.
Day 342: A Christmas movie about cavemen.
Day 343: A movie where RuPaul plays a straight normal guy.
Day 344: The acting debut of Bernie Sanders!
Day 345: A movie that features the sexual lives of inanimate objects.
Day 346: A movie that Michael Stipe wouldn’t watch.
Day 347: A normal Tim and Eric movie.
Day 348: A movie about an assassination that involves a breakfast burrito.
Day 349: Whatever movie THAT BITCH STACY WANTS TO WATCH!!!
Day 350: A movie where a kid sells lemonade for 20 bucks a pop.
Day 351: A movie about a drug mule that falls in love with a TSA agent.
Day 352: A movie that stars nothing but stickers.
Day 353: Have a computer A.I watch 1000 movies and whatever script it spits out, watch that.
Day 354: A Japanese Jerry Bruckheimer film.
Day 355: A movie that features robotic cows.
Day 356: A five hour sword and sorcery film.
Day 357: Whatever movie today’s popular meme is from.
Day 358: A movie that features someone pepper spraying a baby. On purpose.
Day 359: WTF with Marc Maron: The Movie.
Day 360: ONLY FIVE DAYS TO GO!! YOU CAN DO IT!! Watch either Marley and Me, Up, The Iron Giant, or The Land Before Time!
Day 361: A movie that features a car chase between a Vespa and a AMC Gremlin.
Day 362: A movie based on a Smashing Pumpkins song.
Day 363: Find a way to get onto the deep web, do some deep deep searching for the most despicable, illegal movie you can find and watch that…while on a bus.
Day 364: A Google Original Movie.
Day 365: A black and white movie about a woman who opens a brothel and everyone is OK with this.

And in case you do this challenge on a leap year:

Day 366: A silent movie that’s just a black screen for 2 hours.

PHEW! I hope you make it through all of that. I know your life is vastly different now that you finished it. But tell me what exact movies you watched for each day and how it affected you.

I also would like to thank my friend and fellow Rabbit Hole Podcaster Nick Jobe for helping me come up with some of these, he’s a comedic genius. Listen to him on InfoBlast!!

So here’s to 2019! Let’s see if this year is any better!

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