Whatever with Jason Soto #114: Best of 2022

Much like last year, Jason, Lisa Sally Haynes, and Rob present another years worth of the best segments from the show! Including guests Ashley & The Vern from Cinema Recall and Bear! And we send a fond farewell to the most polarizing character “Former President” with his own best of segment cause it’s the best part ever!

Clips taken from:

#86: Rob and Jason Are Snorlax’s

#87: This Show Is Now Called I Guess With Rob and Lisa

#88: #gamerburn

#89: For The Ladies

#90: The RETURN of Florida Man

#92: Make Neptune Great Again

#113: The Broad, The Loser, and The Incel

#98: #JITA

#100: If It Can Go Wrong, It Will

#103: If You Have Time To Bleed, You Have Time To Clean

#104: Beyonce Sucks

#93: Everybody Hates Jason

#105: Songs To Fuck To

#110: In The PeePee Closet

#112: Thanksgiving Ninjas

#98: #JITA

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