Rabbit Hole Videos

Below are all the videos featuring your favorite Rabbit Hole Podcasts hosts!

  1. Whatever with Jason Soto LIVE New Years Eve Special Spectacular Extravaganza Special!!

The entire 5 hours stream from New Years Eve 2021. There’s a lot of madness to be had here. Includes a New Years countdown for the Central Time Zone peeps!

2. Rabbit Hole Riffs: Joy Ride: An Auto Theft

From the New Years Eve special, just the portion of us riffing on a short film about two dumbass kids who steal a car, trick two girls into coming with them, and then all going to play with a rusted out broken car. It’s very weird.

3. Rabbit Hole Plays Among Us

From the New Years Eve special, all of us play Among Us, some of us for the first time.

4. Ringing in 2022 with Smash Mouth

I did one of those things where if you play something at a certain time before Midnight, something will line up perfectly. So of course we had to do it with Smash Mouth’s “All Start”. What a great way to ring in the new year!

5. Rabbit Hole Podcast Plays JackBox-1/15/22

Jason and other Rabbit Hole Podcasts hosts play a bunch of JackBox games.

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