Whatever with Jason Soto #73: Hola Dependiente de la Tienda de Videos

AND WE’RE BACK!!! Miss me? I missed you! And with this return you get an experimental episode! I’m gonna try out SEGMENTS! I hope you like them, I worked hard on ’em. And to help me experiment with these segments is my old dear friend Dylan Fields, who made me the podcasting machine I am today! We talk about podcasting, meeting on a movie blog directory, and video stores. I hope you enjoy! 

One response to “Whatever with Jason Soto #73: Hola Dependiente de la Tienda de Videos”

  1. You and Dylan are always welcome on The Lambcast. By the way, if you have a short Lambcast story you could tell, I’d love to have it to add to an upcoming Episode I am planning. 1 to 2 minutes on an mp3 so I can make sure it is your words and not mine that get listened to.


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