Between The Scares

Between The Scares #4: Graduation

Before Jason and Lisa can get to the horror holy land, they must get through one more bland Blumhouse Productions film. That is “Graduation”, which is basically if “Oceans 11” was on the WB Network in the mid-2000’s. 

Between The Scares #8: Paranormal Activity 2

It’s our first sequel! Jason and Lisa take on Paranormal Activity 2, which serves as mostly a prequel to the first film with a small taste of a follow up. There’s babies, leg bites, Latin being scratched into doors, possessed pool cleaners, teenagers in hot tubs, hot testicles, and possession! It’s a lot! 

Between The Scares #9: Insidious (2010)

Jason and Lisa celebrate #spookyseason by watching “Insidious”, directed by James Wan, who has a thing for giant houses apparently. We also talk about the awesome Lin Shaye, why two supporting characters need a spin-off TV show, and how it’s about time someone realized “Tip Toe Through The Tulips” is a creepy ass song. 

Between The Scares #13: Paranormal Activity 3 (2011)

Jason and Lisa are back to their regularly scheduled program and talk about Paranormal Activity 3, the prequel of the series which ends up being any better than it has any right to be. There’s creepy ghosts named Toby, flying furniture, children climbing furniture, hot babysitters, and dopey comic relief guys. 

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Hosted by Jason Soto and Lisa Leaheey, this mini-spinoff of Whatever dives into the filmography of Blumhouse Productions, where they’re going to take a look at every movie Jason Blum ever produced. And we mean EVERY movie!

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