Gallifrey Transmissions: Three Stories Featuring The Master

Jason’s initial idea for From Inner Time was that we’d start off discussing stories featuring the Master, alternating stories from the classic and revived series in chronological order. Sadly, we never got past “The Mind of Evil” and “The Sound of Drums”/”Last of the Time Lords”. In that spirit, here are reviews of three storiesContinue reading “Gallifrey Transmissions: Three Stories Featuring The Master”

Gallifrey Transmissions: Classic Season 17

For my first full-season review of classic Doctor Who, I picked season 17 (1979-1980). It’s been recently released on Blu-Ray under the title Tom Baker: Complete Season Six in North America, and as The Collection: Season 17 in the rest of the world. In addition to Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor, the season starred Lalla WardContinue reading “Gallifrey Transmissions: Classic Season 17”

Gallifrey Transmissions: “Legend of the Sea Devils”

The year: 1807. The place: a small village on the coast of China. The situation: the feared pirate queen Madame Ching descends upon the village. Her interest: a mysterious statue of a “sea demon” guarded by Ying Wai and his son Ying Ki. After slaying Ying Wai, the pirate unwittingly awakens the creature trapped withinContinue reading “Gallifrey Transmissions: “Legend of the Sea Devils””