Rabbit Hole Podcasts seeks to support and provide a platform for all of its podcasters and listeners. With a focus on popular culture, our shows range from discussions on film and television to music to informative media.

Core Team

Jason Soto

Producer, Founder

Jason Soto isn’t used to talking about himself in the third person but here we go. Jason has been podcasting for 15+ years now and created Rabbit Hole Podcasts when he suddenly was in charge of three different podcasts. After coming up with the name (because when you find one podcast, you’ll suddenly find yourself listening to three others), Jason assembled his team of podcasters and hasn’t looked back. Jason lives in a log cabin in Indianapolis, IN with his 9 children that only come out of the basement on Christmas day. 


Graphic Designer

Bear isn’t totally sure how they got here. Bear doesn’t even like podcasts. But regardless, they do a majority of the art for Rabbit Hole – including logos, Youtube and stream graphics, and web design.

Network Methods

The Rabbit Hole podcasters are independent creators unified under the Rabbit Hole Podcasts banner. All money funded from the Rabbit Hole Podcasts Patreon, Ko-Fi, and Paypal go towards supporting website and equipment upkeep for the network. Any money funded from an independent podcast’s sources are theirs to use how they wish.

The views of the Rabbit Hole podcasters are their own, and don’t necessarily reflect the wider views of Rabbit Hole Podcasts. Rabbit Hole Podcasts unequivocally supports the rights of any race, gender, sexual orientation, and disability status. Rabbit Hole Podcasts seeks to be both inclusive and equitable for their podcasters, guests, and listeners. If you have any feedback in this regard, please reach out to rbbtholepod@gmail.com or doglike.carnivoran@gmail.com.


Logo and Header

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