Randomness by Peter Rangel Jr.

Randomness – Entry #4

“Pete’s Top Comics of the Month” Pete’s top comics to check out for the month: 1. Amazing Spider-Man has this comic book event called “Dark Web” going on right now…

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Randomness Entry #3.5

“Pete’s Quick It isn’t Christmas ‘til… List” ★ It isn’t Christmas ‘til I hear Clark Griswold have a fit on not getting a Christmas bonus ☆ It isn’t Christmas ‘til…

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Randomness – Entry #3

“A Randomness Christmas” This didn’t start happening ‘til the last few years but I want to talk on growing up around the holidays, keeping memories close, and how things change…

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Randomness – Entry #2

“In the beginning…pt. 2” Can I be very serious for a moment? Always appreciate what you have because you will never know when it will be taken away from you.…

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Randomness – Entry #1

“In the beginning…” Hi! I’m Peter Rangel Jr., a co-host (as you know) on our podcast “Top 5: A-Z” on here on Rabbit Hole Podcasts, and in my first entry…

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