Movie and TV Show Podcasts

Between the Scares

Hosted by Jason Soto and Lisa Leaheey, this podcast dives into the filmography of Blumhouse Productions, where they take a look at every movie Jason Blum ever produced. And they mean EVERY movie!

CineGamer: A Board Game Podcast

Not your typical board game podcast, Jason Soto and Rob Branch talk about a board game based on an IP, whether it’s from a TV show, movie, book, web series, sidewalk drawing, anything. They sometimes also talk about a movie based on a board game.

From Inner Time: A Doctor Who Podcast

Jason Soto and Lackey, two nerds, discuss the history, lore, backstory, characters, actors, writers, directors, whatever else of a given episode of Doctor Who, whether from the original run or the rebooted series.

Navigating the Multiverse

Hosted by Nick Jobe and Jason Soto. A deep dive into all the Marvel films, Disney+ shows, and anything else in between.


Hosted by different Rabbit Hole Podcasters each episode, Sporadicast is a show that is about… well, anything and is uploaded whenever.

Tales from the RR: A Twin Peaks Podcast

Welcome back to the town of Twin Peaks. Special Agents The Vern and Ryan Luis Rodriguez go over each case file and learn all there is to know.  Not just about who killed Laura Palmer, but about the residents as well. Each episode takes place at the Double R Diner.

That’s Da Bomb, Yo!: 90 Hella Rad Movies From The ’90s

A fan of all things ’90s, Jason Soto explores and explains why 90 different movies from the ’90s are essential for the decade.

Top 5 A Thru Z

Top 5 A Thru Z is a fun and loose movie podcast hosted by Bill “Szanyman” Szany, Comic Book Pete Rangel, Rob Branch, and Jason Soto. Every other Tuesday, they, along with a special guest, count down their Top Five favorite movies beginning with a different letter in the alphabet. And other shenanigans ensue.

With Strange Aeons: Visual Lovecraft Adaptations

A podcast looking at different movies, video games, and other works that are adaptations of – or inspired by – the works of H.P. Lovecraft and seeing how they compare to the originals.

Word of (Hell)Mouth

Heather Baxindale-Walsh and Marc Armstead go episode-by-episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and discuss each of them.

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