InfoBlast #3: Toilets and Sanitation

Prepare for the potty humor, because today we’re sharing a quick history on toilets and sanitation. Toilets have a long history filled with explosions, disease, assassination, and even dudes named John & Crapper. Join Nick and Rob as the $#!t hits the fan and even some personal stories are shared of Nick’s adventures with variousContinue reading “InfoBlast #3: Toilets and Sanitation”

Navigating The Multiverse #10: We Stand With Stan

Remember when we did that bizarre, old Captain America movie? It’s time to do something like that again. Nick and Jason hop right in on the new Moon Knight trailer before getting into the 1977 made-for-TV Spider-Man film that acted as a pilot for the short-lived live-action TV show starring Nicholas Hammond (where were youContinue reading “Navigating The Multiverse #10: We Stand With Stan”

Whatever with Jason Soto #86: Rob and Jason Are Snorlaxes

Pokemon Go and Snorlax was in the news this week, which are two of Jason’s favorite things so obviously he, Rob, and Lisa had to discuss WHY those things were in the news. Then things take…a turn.  Also, we pay tribute to Bob Saget the only way we know how: play his The Aristocrats joke.Continue reading “Whatever with Jason Soto #86: Rob and Jason Are Snorlaxes”

That’s Da Bomb, Yo! #4: Trainspotting (1996)

Is the book always better than the movie? Are there any circumstances where maybe the movie is better than the book? Should a movie where we follow 4 drug addicts who act like assholes the entire time be any good? Is techno music the best style of music from the ’90s? Jason Soto is joinedContinue reading “That’s Da Bomb, Yo! #4: Trainspotting (1996)”

Between The Scares #15: Sinister (2012)

Jason and Lisa have returned and they’re taking on 2012’s “Sinister”, a film about a true crime writer investigating a families murder and finds DEMONS!!! It’s always demons!!  Also, there’s some talk about future projects Blumhouse will have in 2022 (and 2023 technically) and Lisa is NOT HAPPY about one of them! Get ready forContinue reading “Between The Scares #15: Sinister (2012)”

From Inner Time #7: Eve of the Daleks

Well folks, this is it. The final episode of From Inner Time. Before we leave, we welcome a guest, the host of It’s Time To Rewind, a podcast all about time loop shows and movies, Bubbawheat, to discuss the New Years Day special of Doctor Who “Eve of the Daleks”, which just so happen toContinue reading “From Inner Time #7: Eve of the Daleks”

Whatever with Jason Soto #85: The Best of 2021

Jason, Lisa, and Rob are back!! God damn, we missed you guys!! And to prove that we missed you guys, we talk about some pretty dark disturbing things!! YAY!!!!  After that, we listen back fondly on everything we did on Whatever in 2021 and boy howdy was it a fun time!!  If you want toContinue reading “Whatever with Jason Soto #85: The Best of 2021”