I Have A Weird One #6: The Mona Lisa; Animals on Trial; The Watcher

Jason, Rob, and Nick listen to not one but TWO pieces of weird email before telling you the stories about: -How The Mona Lisa went missing for a full year -The weird period of time when we has a human species decided to put animals on trial -How a family moving into a house metContinue reading “I Have A Weird One #6: The Mona Lisa; Animals on Trial; The Watcher”

Rabbit Hole Staff Picks For July 2022

They don’t know it yet, but this is the final weekend someone is going to have all 10 of their fingers. Here’s your staff picks for July! Jason Soto (Host Whatever with Jason Soto, That’s Da Bomb, Yo!, Co-Host Between The Scares, CineGamer, I Have A Weird One & Musically Ignorant): Uncle Sam (1996) MaybeContinue reading “Rabbit Hole Staff Picks For July 2022”

Tales From The RR-Season One Episode 1: Pilot

Welcome back to the town of Twin Peaks. Special Agents The Vern and Ryan Luis Rodriguez go over each case file and learn all there is to know.  Not just about who killed Laura Palmer, but about the residents as well.   Each episode takes place at the Double R Diner. On this episode, The VernContinue reading “Tales From The RR-Season One Episode 1: Pilot”

Gallifrey Transmissions: Three Stories Featuring The Master

Jason’s initial idea for From Inner Time was that we’d start off discussing stories featuring the Master, alternating stories from the classic and revived series in chronological order. Sadly, we never got past “The Mind of Evil” and “The Sound of Drums”/”Last of the Time Lords”. In that spirit, here are reviews of three storiesContinue reading “Gallifrey Transmissions: Three Stories Featuring The Master”

That’s Da Bomb, Yo! #15: Unforgiven (1992)

How come westerns died out in the ’80s? Why did Clint Eastwood take a break from doing the genre? Can westerns work in the ’90s? Should there have been more? To help answer these questions and more Jason welcomes the host of the LAMBcast Richard Kirkham as they tell you why Unforgiven is a hellaContinue reading “That’s Da Bomb, Yo! #15: Unforgiven (1992)”

Whatever with Jason Soto #100: If It Can Go Wrong, It Will

It’s the much talked about 100th episode of this damn show and it was streamed live on Twitch.tv! And as a result SO MANY THINGS WENT WRONG! The main thing that’s noticible in this episode is my mic was messed up so I sound a bit blown out. I super apologize for that. But otherwiseContinue reading “Whatever with Jason Soto #100: If It Can Go Wrong, It Will”

InfoBlast #12: The Julio-Claudian Dynasty (Roman History)

After a brief hiatus, Nick and Rob are back and introducing a bunch of new guests for the remainder of the year! Today’s guest is Dylan James Quarles who is on to talk about Roman History, specifically the early rulers of the Julio-Claudian Dynasty that go from Caesar to Nero. We had a (Rome)blast talkingContinue reading “InfoBlast #12: The Julio-Claudian Dynasty (Roman History)”

I Have A Weird One #5: The Janitor; Dragon Fish; Lela and Raymond Howard; The 1904 Olympics

It’s our first episode with a guest! Jason, Rob, and Nick welcome fellow Rabbit Hole Podcaster Bubbawheat to the show as they talk about: -A janitor suddenly turning into Jason Voorhees -A weird new fish being discovered -How the search for an elderly couple inspired a man -The weirdness that surrounded the 1904 Olympics. IfContinue reading “I Have A Weird One #5: The Janitor; Dragon Fish; Lela and Raymond Howard; The 1904 Olympics”